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We provide optimal design and installation of solar photovoltaic power systems for New Mexico residential, commercial and industrial customers of all sizes - we can help with all your power system needs.

We are a trusted local northern New Mexico source of professional solar electric design and installation - years of quality professionally installed solar PV systems. 12 years as a licensed EE98 New Mexico Electrical Contractor.

We can help you generate your own electricity by installing a solar photovoltaic power system at your home, business or public building - With a wide variety of mounting options and engineered racking systems, many sites are suitable for a solar PV installation. Our NABCEP certified system designer and engineer provide the proper knowledge and PE stamp for compliance with the appropriate city and state building codes. 

Locally owned and operated - The SELECT SOLAR office is in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff has decades of electrical contracting and solar PV experience.
  Our expertise extends well beyond solar system construction, which directly adds value for our customers as a solid partner who can develop and deliver renewable energy systems for their properties. Our past electrical construction experience includes commercial building development, real estate development, scientific projects at national laboratories, health care facilities, infrastructure, high-voltage distribution and solar PV electric systems. 

There are many good reasons for choosing to purchase a solar electric (PV) system -
  • Lock in your cost of electricity.
  • Generate green power.
  • Feed power back to the utility.
  • Gain power independence.
  • Obtain 30% federal and 10% state tax incentives.
  • Ensure uninterrupted power.
  • No moving parts to break or maintain.

Now is the time to become your own power producer - 
You may be surprised to find out that most grid-tied PV systems are only $4.00 -  $6.00 per watt installed.
Utility electricity rates are steadily increasing and will continue to rise as resources are consumed.
Utility companies are also now beginning to "ratchet down" their incentive programs as more solar systems are installed and the installed cost for solar gets lower. 
With strong Federal, NM State and current Utility incentives, this is a very good time to invest in a solar PV system as the pay back time for your investment is reasonable and the PV system will be producing power and providing substantial savings on energy bills for 25 to 40 years or more.

Thank you for your interest in solar power systems, please use the Free Solar Site Survey page to set up a Complimentary PV Site Survey at your home or business; We work with you to evaluate and simplify your energy needs. We survey your property for solar potential, available installation space, existing structural and electrical details. We then can make recommendations that will suit your needs. Our engineering, design and project management services can deliver energy independence, self-assurance and reliability. 

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Let us show you the economic and environmental power of generating your own electricity from the Sun!

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